LedgerScore Tech Update Q4 2022

4 min readOct 6, 2022


Accomplished Phase 1.

1. GhostID

· GhostID, Blockchain-based Identity (~ERC725), A single click login:

· Identity Claims Registry (~ERC735), Add Multiple Wallets & social media accounts:

2. Market Cap & Token Value:

· Market Cap:


· Crypto News Feed:

3. LedgerScore (Credit Score for the crypto-economy)

Accomplished Phase 2 Epic 1.

Your assets across Lending Pools, Liquidity pools, and DEX exchanges help you generate a better score.

4. Lending Pools:

Your total assets Supplied, active collateral & borrow amount, token wise is assessed for each user.

a. Compound:

Each user’s entire asset in the compound dapp platform, their total supply & borrow amount based on each token or currency supplied or borrowed in the pool.


Each user’s entire asset in the platform includes their total supply, collateral & borrow (Variable or Fixed Debt) amount based on each token or currency supplied, activated as collateral, borrowed in the pool including health factors.

5. DEX & Liquidity Pools

All/Total liquidity Supplied to the platform is assessed for each user helping to conclude your LedgerScore.

a. Uniswap

i. Supplied Liquidity value (NFTs)

b. Sushiswap

i. Supplied Liquidity value (LP-Tokens)

c. Pancakeswap

i. Total Liquidity Added (LP-Tokens)

6. DEX exchanges: Transactions across the below exchanges are recorded for understanding your account health and improving your LedgerScore.

a. Income

i. Uniswap

ii. Sushiswap

iii. Pancakeswap

b. Payments:

i. Uniswap

ii. Sushiswap

iii. Pancakeswap

A glimpse into the Future!

1. AI/ML-based Updates: A complete blend of a statistical analysis based on AI and Machine Learning concepts to design the updated iteration of LedgerScore.

· AI-based Algorithms are used to identify account growth, spend Index, and other major trends which will impact the score.

· Models inspired by machine learning spread across various EVM and substrate chains and DeFi Apps for accurate & dynamic measures.

2. 360-degree view via Integrations

· Integration with EVM Blockchains (Later on, Substrate Blockchains and other custom Blockchains will be added)

· CEX integrations

· FICO integration

· DeFi apps integration (example — Aave, Compound, Uniswap, etc)

· Other relevant API integrations

3. Additional points below will also be covered.

· Credit Reports — Scoring Engine (deterministic like on-chain activity; Artificially intelligent Risk Inference engine — loan activity including repayment in DeFi loans)

· Employment Verification

· Asset Verification

· Income Verification

· Smart Contract History

· LedgerScore Tokens

More About LedgerScore
LedgerScore independently reports on crypto users’ cryptocurrency transactions, allowing banks to lend to crypto users. LedgerScore provides independent financial reports to traditional and DeFi lenders about potential borrowers’ crypto payments, crypto income, crypto assets, and crypto identity (with the crypto user’s consent of course). Armed with a LedgerScore Credit Report, a bank can decide how much it can lend to a crypto user, meeting all usual regulatory and compliance requirements it must meet.



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Credit 2.0 for Cryptocurrency | Independent Financial Reporting for DeFi and Traditional Lending