LedgerScore Tech Update Q3 2022


  • Decentralized Identity-based GhostID allows users to connect their metamask wallet and generate a unique identity that can be used across the decentralized apps ecosystem.
  • The LedgerScore platform allows user to register their credentials in the form of claims like Mobile No, Facebook Account, Email Id, and various wallet addresses throughout the blockchain world (Binance Smart Chain and other EVM chains).
  • The user can also complete their KYC using the integrated Blockpass KYC and connect with the GhostID. This enables the usage of GhostID for various use cases like participating in IDOs, sales of tokenized assets, etc.
  • Using Linear regression, the first version of LedgerScore v0.1 has been developed. It is limited to the data from Binance Smart Chain. The next iteration will extend it to other L1 Blockchain protocols and DeFi Apps

A glimpse into the Future!

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