LedgerScore listing at XT.com

2 min readDec 12, 2021


The LedgerScore $LED token will be listing at XT.com in approximately 10 business days. We will post the exact time and date as we move closer to going active. This is exciting news for LedgerScore as a whole and a huge step forward for the project.


Founded in July 2018 and headquartered in Hong Kong, XT is a global digital currency trading service provider. XT exchange adopts micro service architecture to develop matching engine and operation maintenance to support secure and fast OTC transactions. As the first trading platform to launch interest-free leverage, the number of daily active users has reached tens of thousands. The transaction fee of XT is the lowest and it supports Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean and other multi-language languages, serving more than 1 million global users in nearly 100 countries and regions.

Founded by well-known capital fund FIBTC LTD, XT now has operation centers in Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Spain and other countries and regions. With the technical support of ZB, XT provides users with the safest, most efficient and most professional digital asset investment services. More information about XT can be found at https://www.xt.com.

What can you do right now?

Head over to XT.com and get registered. Once you’re registered you’ll want to complete your KYC (“Know Your Customer”) ID verification. This will enable you to make fiat deposits and withdrawals to your account. After that, you’ll be ready to rock and roll when trading goes live for $LED!

XT.com Listing Confirmation

More About LedgerScore
LedgerScore independently reports on crypto users’ cryptocurrency transactions, allowing banks to lend to crypto users. LedgerScore provides independent financial reports to traditional and DeFi lenders about potential borrowers’ crypto payments, crypto income, crypto assets, and crypto identity (with the crypto user’s consent of course). Armed with a LedgerScore Credit Report, a bank can decide how much it can lend to a crypto user, meeting all usual regulatory and compliance requirements it must meet.



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Credit 2.0 for Cryptocurrency | Independent Financial Reporting for DeFi and Traditional Lending