LedgerScore $LED and LED/ETH Staking Pools coming to the TrustSwap Platform

LONDON — LedgerScore is pleased to announce that coming in 2022 staking opportunities are coming to TrustSwap. Staking has been one of the top requested additions to the LedgerScore community. As our commitment to our community, we will offer multiple value propositions to holders of $LED. Thanks again to our investors and community.

Staking on the TrustSwap platform is a one-click affair via their Launchpad Staking Pools app. The staking pools will be announced in January.

The staking opportunity will take the form of two pools: one for the LED token itself, and one for the LED/ETH Uniswap V2 (UNIV2) token. UNIV2 is the liquidity token that users receive when staking on Uniswap. This dual structure aims to generate maximum liquidity for the token as LED’s currently low market cap increases to the levels of its presumptive competitors in the retail trading terminals segment.

LedgerScore’s native LED token smart contract was recently audited by Rock’n’Block and passed with flying colors. To view the full audit by Rock’n’Block, please click here.

More About LedgerScore
LedgerScore independently reports on crypto users’ cryptocurrency transactions, allowing banks to lend to crypto users. LedgerScore provides independent financial reports to traditional and DeFi lenders about potential borrowers’ crypto payments, crypto income, crypto assets, and crypto identity (with the crypto user’s consent of course). Armed with a LedgerScore Credit Report, a bank can decide how much it can lend to a crypto user, meeting all usual regulatory and compliance requirements it must meet.



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