LedgerScore Inks Partnership with Prolitus Technologies to accelerate a build out of the next generation Crypto Credit Scoring platform

3 min readMay 24, 2022

LONDON — LedgerScore, the world’s first company to provide a truly global credit score based on transactions made in cryptocurrency, announce­­­­d a partnership with Prolitus Technologies, a leading Blockchain, and Web3 service provider.

This strategic move aims to unlock the immense potential in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, while fixing inefficiencies of the traditional finance and bridging the gap between CEFI and DEFI credit ecosystems.

Two companies will work closely to simplify the creation and maintenance of a personal and business crypto credit profile for both retail and institutional users. Prolitus will align with LedgerScore’s strategic roadmap and augment the technology team to accelerate the core product release.

Nathan Christian, CEO of LedgerScore said: “We’re excited to onboard Prolitus as our trusted partner to expedite product development and go-to-market efforts. We are looking forward to complementing our internal capabilities with Prolitus’ team’s unique blend of tech, innovation, and lending expertise in the blockchain space.”

About Prolitus

Prolitus is a Web3 design and development company that enables business transformation of its partners via cutting edge technologies. Innovation and passion are at the core of the company, and that’s a major reason why the company has helped several of its customers build innovative Web3 products and solutions. Prolitus has been working in Web3 space for more than 6 years and has served 100+ clients.

Prolitus brings in a strong domain expertise in the digital assets lending space, that continues to mature and grow at exponential rate with crypto mass adoption globally.

Prolitus Technologies Website

Jeevan Saini, CEO of Prolitus said: “We’re thrilled to announce the partnership with LedgerScore and excited to be part of this “first mover advantage” journey. Our joined forces building the credit scoring platform will take the DeFi space to the next level, as the lack of a credit profile is a major deterrent for DeFi markets to expand beyond crypto-collateralized loans.”

About LedgerScore

LedgerScore provides creditworthiness to retail and institutional users. Unlike traditional credit reporting bureaus, the LedgerScore credit ratings are based on cryptocurrency assets and blockchain transactions. LedgerScore aims to enable the consolidated credit profile of a user to leverage the best of both ecosystems — the traditional and crypto lending.

The company aims to become the first truly global credit score, while fixing inefficiencies in the space. It is well positioned as the “first mover” in the emerging digital assets space with its patent pending technology and proprietary credit algorithms.


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