LedgerScore Credit Dashboard Public Beta coming in 2024.

3 min readDec 14, 2021

LONDON — We are thrilled to announce, that after months of development, the LedgerScore Dashboard will enter public Beta in early 2024. The LedgerScore dashboard is a free service that gives users transparency into the interpretation of on-chain transactions relative to their LedgerScore Credit Rating. You will be able to try it yourself by navigating to app.ledgerscore.com

Dashboard Overview

Here’s what you will be able to do on the LedgerScore dashboard:

  1. Create a LedgerScore Ghost Identity by connecting your wallet addresses.
  2. View your current LedgerScore Credit score and observe how it changes over time.
  3. Learn how transactions on your wallet affect your LedgerScore.

We took some time to get a few things right

Wallet verification

LedgerScore’s Ghost Identity is a fundamental component of the LedgerScore product and a key differentiator among our competitors, so our team worked really hard to get it right.

At LedgerScore, we rate entities — that is, a user/company collection of wallets — not individual wallets. Wallet addresses are like bank accounts. We believe the accuracy of any DeFi transaction history is directly proportional to the completeness of each user’s decentralized financial identity — that is, across as many financial properties (wallets, loans, tokens, etc.) as possible. It was important to strike the perfect balance between ease of use, security, and accuracy.

We felt we could improve on our initial solution while adhering to our core objectives for the wallet association process, so we pivoted to make sure adding a wallet address was:

  1. As easy as possible;
  2. Accommodated multiple addresses using a variety of connectors;
  3. Asserted wallet ownership.


LedgerScore began with the simple goal of introducing robust credit ratings to the cryptocurrency landscape. However, the more we explored what would be required to make this possible, it became clear that our brand needed to transcend more than just credit scores but identity, inclusiveness, and opportunity.

In an effort to reduce identity friction, we made the decision to launch the LedgerScore dashboard with our updated brand identity that we believe more accurately encompasses our expanded vision for what’s possible with credit ratings in crypto.

We are Going to Need Your Help

This next stage of LedgerScore development is all about you, the users. Our priority this quarter is to ensure wallet association and scoring are as frictionless as possible. Please use the issue reporter on the dashboard to let us know of any issues you encounter. If you have ideas on how we can improve the dashboard, feel free to shoot us an email at feedback@ledgerscore.com

Scores are Just the Beginning

Turning LedgerScore’s into better lending opportunities

LedgerScore Credit ratings are a means to better lending opportunities for our users, and more intelligent and streamlined decision-making for our Lender partners. Our goal in this process is to work with our partners to validate our scoring process and expand our Lender portfolio in preparation for the upcoming LedgerScore Lender Marketplace.

Our aspirations for LedgerScore products transcend scoring — LedgerScore is a platform for managing your decentralized financial identity. Our goal as a company is to translate this concept into opportunities for our users but more importantly, to expand the reach of cryptocurrency to include new demographics of users all around the world. We are confident our suite of products will help empower what is possible with blockchain finance in the future. The LedgerScore Dashboard is just the beginning of that journey



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