LedgerScore Announces a Major Strategic Partnership with Earn Guild

LONDON — LedgerScore is pleased to announce a major strategic partnership with Earn Guild, a players guild for Play to Earn games.

Our partnership can bring Credit Scoring to over 10,000 players on Earn Guild’s play-to-earn guild platform in 2022.

Earn Guild’s players will be able to derive a good credit score based on what they win from play-to-earn games, and by evidencing on-time payment of their NFT rental fees.

With a credit score, Earn Guild’s players will have the tools to borrow to buy NFT game assets, and also support micro-loans for their personal needs.

The LedgerScore Development team has already started working with Earn Guild for the integration onto their platform.

“We also see this partnership as a humanitarian solution for under-banked communities across the world. Play to Earn gaming has the potential to provide an income to 6 billion people in developing countries who do not have financial inclusion.” — Nathan Christian, CEO of LedgerScore

About Earn Guild

Earn Guild is a decentralized player’s guild for play-to-earn gamers. Earn Guild launched in 2021, and has raised $6.5m from blockchain industry heavyweights so far. Earn Guild shows incredible potential with its rapidly growing player community and major daily activity with new applications. Currently Earn Guild has 22,000+ in their Discord community, thousands of their players have started earning an income from P2E games, and they are growing at almost 500 new members per day.

Play-to-earn games are skill-based blockchain games where players can compete and earn digital tokens which can be converted to fiat. Many players are capable of earning a daily salary, and this has helped many families improve their lives.

Earn Guild supports play-to-earn players by offering resources such as:

“LedgerScore is a true rarity in crypto. Their platform has absolutely amazing technology, and we welcome them as our lead partner at Earn Guild. We’re excited to bring credit scoring to our player community” — Darren Olney-Fraser, CEO of Earn Guild.




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