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Credit 2.0 for Cryptocurrency

LedgerScore independently reports on crypto users’ cryptocurrency transactions, allowing banks to lend to crypto users.

LedgerScore provides independent financial reports to traditional and DeFi lenders about potential borrowers’ crypto payments, crypto income, crypto assets, and crypto identity (with the crypto user’s consent of course)

Armed with a LedgerScore Credit Report, a bank can decide how much it can lend to a crypto user, meeting all usual regulatory and compliance requirements it must meet.

Most importantly, LedgerScore gives crypto users, for the first time, a credit score that they can take to any lender. A credit score is derived from an individual’s payment history and can significantly affect one’s financial life. Access to credit has a significant influence over nearly every consumer in the Western world.

Due to the anonymous nature of cryptocurrency transactions, there is no easy way for a crypto user to provide financial information to banks, leaving potential lenders with no way to evaluate a crypto user’s application for a loan.

LedgerScore changes all that! LedgerScore’s advanced technology translates technical complexity into clarity by leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

LedgerScore’s upcoming Initial Dex Offering (May 31st, 2021) gives investors an opportunity to participate in the first independent financial reporting agency to service the crypto market.


IDO: www.trustswap.org

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Credit 2.0 for Cryptocurrency | Independent Financial Reporting for DeFi and Traditional Lending